Big Dogs is not a Wanaka boarding kennels with cages. As an avid dog-lover, it upsets me to see large dogs especially, fenced in with little or no stimulation, exercise or company.

At Big Dogs, our Wanaka ‘guests’ are free to run and play in a purpose-built, deer-fenced paddock. You will have peace of mind knowing that your best buddy is enjoying the fun, attention and social activity they deserve in a secure country environment. Walks, sticks/balls, rabbit chasing, cuddles, play and even swims, are all part of our daily schedule.

Our Vizsla (Mango) LOVES going to Nancy’s, she squeaks with excitement when we reach the Big Dogs driveway. It’s such a treat for her to play with her friends all day, and we feel so relaxed leaving her with Nancy.

Nick & Judy Kensington