How many dogs do you look after?

For daycare I am able to take up to 8 dogs.

Can I pick-up/drop-off my pet outside of normal business hours?

Yes usually that is fine by prior arrangement.

Can I make reservations on-line?

No, only by phone or email.

What is the daily schedule like for my dog?

There is no schedule! I’m a passionate gardener and when you see the land I’m trying to grow trees and shrubs on, you will understand why I am always outside! The dogs ‘hang out’ with me most of the time, playing and enjoying the full 5 hectares. I always keep tennis balls in my pocket! At least once a day, I, or one of my helpers, walk them to the river which they adore, even if only to drink and paddle. The part of the river we throw sticks into for retrieval is a safe eddy from where they cannot be swept away. Dogs that are not natural swimmers, tend not to venture out.

Do you take puppies?

Absolutely – while they are more work, I find them irresistible! As I only take well-socialised dogs, rest assured your puppy will be safe and secure here, and receive all the extra cuddles and sleep they require.

What do I need to bring with my dog?

Just food with instructions of how much/day. I feed all dogs twice daily unless requested otherwise. If you want to bring their bed and toys, you are more than welcome. I cannot guarantee the toys will stay in the same condition, so do so at your own risk! Leashes are not required as all exercise is off-leash. You do NOT need to bring food/drink bowls.

Is someone there 24 hours a day?

Not always. I do go out from time to time, which is when I make sure the dogs are secured in the pen. I host Wwoofers in the summer to work for me. These are young internationals who are travelling NZ to experience the country life. They are nearly always animal lovers, and usually very experienced with dogs. They spoil them with extra play, walks and cuddles.

What happens if my dog gets into a fight with other dogs?

I’m very conscious of tension between dogs. Any signs that a dog is being aggressive and could put the safety of other dogs at risk, will be taken seriously. The aggressor will be isolated and the owners contacted. This is why we insist on only taking dogs with a gentle and sociable nature.

Do you take small dogs?

Yes I take all dogs, but my place is ideal for big dogs who need the space to run more than small dogs. In my experience many small dogs are yappy barkers. As I also manage an Airbnb business here at home, incessant barking is not welcome regardless of dog size.

My dog was absolutely shattered after the last stay – is this normal?

Totally! In fact expect that your buddy will sleep soundly for at least a day or two after being here at BIG DOGS. The thrill of playing freely with other dogs and no restrictions, is exciting. That doesn’t include the daily walk to the river and back, chasing rabbits all the way! Don’t be surprised if they lose weight – skinny high energy dogs may need extra food.

What are your banking details?

Big Dogs bank account details for direct deposit are 06 0943 0089936 01

Our beloved Kroose spent a few days with Nancy and Ned over the new year period in 2018. We chose Nancy’s BIG DOGS Homestay because of her genuine love of dogs and the fantastic setting Kroose would be staying in and we were not dissapointed! Kroose had a wonderful time playing with the other dogs, roaming while Nancy gardened, chasing rabbits and swimming in the river every day. Nancy even let him sleep inside when the fireworks in the area upset him. Our baby came home a very tired but happy dog. We would have no hesitation in recommending BIG DOGS Homestay for your furry family member needing a place to stay.

Lis, Rob & Kroose